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Why should I eliminate Dairy?

Humans stop producing the necessary enzyme to digest lactose (the main sugar in milk) after breast feeding age; most people are at least mildly lactose intolerant.  Consuming dairy, therefore, often leads to congestion, indigestion, bloating, skin breakouts and unideal bowel movement patterns.

Upon digestion, casein (the main protein in cow milk) breaks down into caso-morphins, also referred to as opioid peptides which, some studies suggest, are addictive. Ever notice how hard it is eat just one serving of cheese?  Or pizza?  This addictiveness is intended by nature to ensure growing calves drink enough milk; the same is true of human breast milk for infants.  We don't drink breast milk into adulthood- why drink that of a different animal?

*Dairy, like gluten, may not be troublesome for some.  For those who do not experience food addiction, binge eating, cravings nor have other health issues that resolve once dairy is eliminated, long-term abstinence may not be necessary. 

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