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For most of my life, the majority of my thoughts revolved aroundwhat and how much I ate.This obsession coincided with bingeingdieting and all the physical and psychological effects that came with them (severe eczema, digestive issues, weight fluctuations, joint pain, and generalized anxiety).After years of various plans and diets (Paleo, Keto, Carnivore, Vegan, Whole 30 and more), I inadvertently came up with my own that was simpler to follow and less restrictive.  My persistent cravings subsided, along with my other health issues, and my appetite finally consisted solely of true hunger and satiation.However, my biggest gain by far was, and still is, the inner peace this change provided.I never thought my mind would be as free as it is today, to pursue my goals and dreams without the all-encompassing worry of what and how to eat, and the symptoms that followed.  Today my goal is to help anyone who can relate to my story.

French Culinary Institute


200-hour Registered

Yoga Teacher 

BS, Public Health

CUNY Individualized Studies

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